CB story

Whilst surfing on his own at a secret reef break, mild mannered engineer Neil Flyn went over the falls and hit his head on a rock. Unbeknownst to Neil, when underwater he swallowed a piece of toxic plastic from a nuclear power plant further up the coast. After several days of headaches, he began to notice changes to his eyesight-excruciating pains when he encountered any plastic waste.

Monday morning at work and Neil is suffering from intense headaches and is unable to open his eyes. Could it be all the plastic takeaway coffee cups in the office? They seem to be emitting a toxic glow that is making him ill!

On the walk to the reef for his next surf, Neil sensed a strange energy surrounding him. His head ached, his eyes stung and when he arrived at the beach, he could not believe what he saw. Under the sand, tonnes of plastic waste was revealed! He must have X-Ray vision. He collapsed to the floor as the toxic plastic burnt into his eyes. He realised he had to do something about this!

Neil started work that night on glasses that could cut out the harmful toxic rays he was experiencing anytime he saw plastic. He used his chemical engineering skills to develop a repellent coating for the lenses to seek out and repel the toxic rays. Next, he used cut-up old wetsuits combined with New wonder material Graphene thread to make a super strong everlasting, toxic chemical and bulletproof wetsuit. He tried his new creations on for size and realised his destiny lay in the fight to ban plastic through his new alter-ego Captain Banplastic!...to be continued.